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Friendly, warm & efficient…in the midst of Covid.
Verified Patient

After reading others’ reviews, I was worried that I wouldn’t get the same treatment from Dr. Ghamgosar because my medical concern was not serious. However, he was very kind, personable, clearly explained what the problem was, how to treat it, and explained what he was doing each step of the way. Also, the front desk staff was friendly.
Selina P.

It takes a lot for me to go on Yelp to give someone a good review. However, in the case of Dr. Ghamgosar, I am more than happy to do so. Why? because everything about visiting Dr. Ghamgosar is so pleasant. First, his staff is extremely professional and courteous. It feels so welcoming, walking into their offices.
Now about Dr. Ghamgosar – he has the level of bedside manners that I wish ALL doctors had. He is very patient, explains things clearly and is VERY CARING! This doctor’s office is definitely a cut above the rest and deserves much kudos and great success.
My only regret is that I had not found Dr. Ghamgosar sooner. Thank you, Dr. Ghamgosar and Team!
The A.

If more stars were available, he’d get them. I heard of Dr. Ghamgosar through a coworker who had foot surgery, so when my husband got hurt I called him. Dr. Ghamgosar repaired my husband’s very traumatic ruptured Achilles injury. Not only was the surgery successful, but the level of care and concern put us at ease. While I have had experiences where some doctors have dismissed my presence when I am accompanying a loved one to an appointment, Dr. Ghamgosar was attentive and kind. He took a time to answer all questions and return calls even during off hours when needed. I injured my foot shortly after my husband and went to see Dr. Ghamgosar for help and he helped me recover as well. He is surely the best and that shows with how busy he is.
Rene A.

Dr. Ghamgosar is a life saver!!
I started having foot problems in 2010, to the point where I couldn’t walk a short distance without pain. I like the fact that he took conservative measures, such as pain management, physical therapy etc. before the. surgery route. He has the best bedside manner and listens and genuinely cares for you as a patient. I know many people who have him for a physician. That alone says a lot!
My feet are back to normal because of him.
Thank you for everything!
Ludette S.

Dr. Ghamgosar is the most wonderful doctor!
He provided outstanding, attentive and thorough first class medical care and wonderful post-surgery care. He and his staff accommodated my schedule and took me in on short notice. He listened carefully and explained everything going on. I am an enthusiastic cyclist, and Dr. Ghamgosar understood my concerns and took my personal cycling schedule into consideration for the treatment plan which was just awesome.
I feel very well taken care of and highly recommend Dr. Ghamgosar.
Annette H.

Dr. Ghamgosar is wonderful! I had foot surgery; He, his staff, OR staff were all stellar. Office staff was always accommodating for appointments. He was attentive post surgery as well. Overall, it was a seamless process through my recovery. I have absolutely no complaints!
P K.

Dr. Ghamgosar is absolutely excellent. Any other review is simply not accurate. He is a skilled surgeon, a caring and intelligent physician. Dr. Al performed an important surgery on my foot. He did a great job and he was very helpful before and after the surgery. Sometimes I’ll read negative reviews about truly good, hard working people and I believe that people with personal or mental problems blame the physician or someone else. This guy is an absolutely great doctor. Period.
Mo. J

Dr. Ghamgosar is a phenomenal doctor! Not only he is the best in his specialty, but he also has a personal touch that I had not experienced before in our era of the “15-minute consultation”. He pays attention to the patients, carefully listening to our history. Being a physician myself, I can appreciate human and technical qualities, which Dr. Ghamgosar possesses.
I have suffered from pain on my feet (arches, flat feet) and bunions for a couple decades. I am also a serious competitive cyclist, and the pain and discomfort were impacting my rides in a very bad way.
I visited several podiatrists and had many orthotics made. I had some temporary relief but then the pain would come back.
I went to see Dr. Ghamgosar, who was recommended by a friend. He spent a significant amount of time discussing my case, performed a thorough examination of my feet and a digital analysis of my step motion. He crafted a new pair of orthotics, completely different from anything I have had before. For the first time, I had an improvement that lasted. I am now pain-free. Moreover, he adjusted my sports shoes, manually recreating the shoe inserts, which also solved that problem. I am back cycling long distance and racing. Pain is gone!
My wife and mother-in-law also went to see him, and both are completely happy with their outcome.
In summary, I highly recommend Dr. Ghamgosar. He is the best podiatrist there is.
Eduardo M.

I just had the most successful experience with Dr. Ghamgosar completing my long awaited and anticipated bunion surgery. It took me a long time to finally get this done and made several appointments with him to discuss and evaluate. He was so patient to my needs and never rushing my decision. Each visit he gave me 100% of his attention and good advice. I finally scheduled and prepared to be down and out for months. Low and behold, it was not the horrible experience so many people told me it would be. I can only guess that their doctors weren’t as amazing as mine. I listened to his precise regimen for healing and I’m already back to work after my surgery date on December 4th! Now that was the best Christmas present ever. Thanks, Santa Ghamgosar! I’ll be ready for round two soon.
Angel H.

My son has seen Dr. Ghamgosar a few times over the last few years. We’ve been really impressed at his interaction and manner with our child. Some doctors don’t have the bedside manners when kids are involved.
He has always taken the time to answer all our questions, and I feel like we get great care from him!
Slight downside is – it’s always busy, so they always run behind. It’s also hard to get an appointment some days. I think it’s worth the wait, though – so no stars docked!
Victoria L.